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Photo by KM Cannon

Morales fought his past, too (The Boston Globe 1.23.06)
Warrior style finally caught up Just to be on the safe side, Erik Morales had a rematch clause in his contract for Saturday night's second business meeting with Manny Pacquiao. If he's wise, he won't exercise it. (full story)

Pacquiao Knocks Out Morales, Wins Showdown (Las Vegas Sun 1.23.06)
Manny Pacquiao was sure of two things after giving Erik Morales the beating of his career. He is one of the two best 130-pounders in the world, and still the hero of his homeland. (full story)

Morales vs. Pacquiao is what boxing is all about (Sports Illustrated 1.22.06)
There is a vast slice of the American public -- mainstream sports fans, reality-TV watchers who might have caught a few episodes of The Contender or moviegoers who've seen a Rocky or two, former Mike Tyson followers, and even (or maybe especially) editors of national sports magazines -- whose knee-jerk reaction to boxing is, "It's a circus." They dismiss the sport as an irrelevant mix of over-hyped, under-talented heavyweights (who, after all, aren't "real" athletes like those in the NFL or the NBA) and "a bunch of little guys no one's ever heard of," all promoted by charlatans. As my mother would say, you just can't talk to people like that. (full story)

NEAR-FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE: Pacquiao takes charge (Las Vegas Review 1.22.06)
In a near-flawless performance, Pacquiao stunningly turned the tables, dominating Morales and stopping him under a barrage of power shots at 2:33 of the 10th round of their super featherweight bout at the Thomas & Mack Center. (full story)

Pacquiao Beats Down Morales, Wins Showdown (Las Vegas Sun 1.22.06)
Manny Pacquiao vowed there would be no excuses this time. It turned out he didn't need any. Throwing punches at every angle, Pacquiao avenged his defeat 10 months ago and handed Erik Morales the worst beating of his career before finally stopping him in the 10th round Saturday night of their 130-pound showdown. (full story)

Pacquiao leaves no doubt (LA Daily News 1.22.06)
A reporter from the Philippines sitting ringside Saturday at Thomas & Mack Center said his country would go into mourning if its hero, Manny Pacquiao, again lost to Erik Morales. There will be no mourning, but perhaps one heck of a party. (full story)

Anticipated rematch lives up to all the hype (Las Vegas Review Journal 1.22.06)
Sequels to blockbusters rarely live up to their original performances. Too much is expected. Too little can be recaptured. But every once in a while -- especially in the sport of boxing, which can be theater at its finest -- sequels will approach, in effort and energy and excitement, what defined the first showing. (full story)

Pacquiao batters Morales! (fightnews.com 1.22.06)
How can one man make 92 Million people happy all at once? Just ask the three-time world champion, Manny Pacquiao and he’ll tell you. (full story)

PACQUIAO KO’S MORALES IN 10TH (15rounds.com 1.22.06)
Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao gave Eric Morales the worst beating of his career in a Fight of the Year candidate Saturday night. Morales, with his face resembling a bag of oranges, hit the canvas twice in the 10th round. The second knockdown spelled the first knockout of the Mexican warrior’s Hall of Fame career, as referee Kenny Bayless stopped the carnage at 2:33 of the round. (full story)

Morales' bout with weight may douse rematch hopes (The Arizona Republic 1.23.06)
Big money would seem to dictate a third Manny Pacquiao-Erik Morales fight, but there are doubts because of questions about Morales' future, including his ability to make the 130-pound limit. (full story)

Morales at a Crossroads (LA Daily News 1.23.06)
Erik Morales has been in a lot of ring wars. And at 29, he is getting somewhat old for a man fighting in the lower weights. After being stopped by Manny Pacquiao in the 10th round of a thriller Saturday at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Morales was taken to Valley Hospital for precautionary measures. (full story)

Morales vs. Pacquiao again? (Sign On San Diego.com 1.23.06)
Erik Morales can have a third fight with Manny Pacquiao, according to a rematch clause in the contract they signed for their fight Saturday in Las Vegas. The question is: Does he want it? (full story)

Pacquiao avenges loss to Morales (Miami Herald 1.23.06)
Manny Pacquiao has become accustomed to receiving congratulatory phone calls from his native country's highest government official. In fact, Pacquiao soon might find comfort in calling Philippines president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo by first name. (full story)


Photo by Chris Farina
Manny Pacquiao in the ring with trainer, Freddie Roach.

Headlines from Saturday, Jan 21st

Anticipation great for rematch following action-packed meeting in March

Pacquiao stumbling on path to greatness Five years ago, Freddie Roach had never seen Manny Pacquiao. Roach was gaining recognition as one of boxing's elite trainers and his stable was brimming with many of the greatest names in the game.

No Excuses for Pacquiao and Morales Manny Pacquiao has no problems with gloves this time. Ditto with hotel suites, taxes, promoters, tickets, hangers-on and fans. He's got a cut man he believes won't allow the bleeding that went on in his first fight with Erik Morales. And he's got a trainer who is trying his best to keep Pacquiao from getting hit too much.

Morales ready for a rebound Erik Morales is coming off a shocking defeat, which is when he appears most vulnerable -- and most dangerous. If anyone understands that, it should be Manny Pacquiao.

Morales aims for real victory When is a loss not a loss? In boxing, it's when the promoter says it's not. That is the case for Erik Morales, a Mexican icon who has won titles in three different weight classes.

Morales Takes Pacquiao a Little LighterHaving been in ring wars with Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao, Morales figured he could beat a guy like Raheem in his sleep.

Rematch is crucial for super featherweightsErik Morales is in a must-win situation tonight in his super featherweight rematch against Manny Pacquiao. Then again, so is Pacquiao.

Roach's road from telemarketer to trainerFreddie Roach was bitter and broke when he retired as a fighter shortly after his last bout in October 1986.

Morales camping on comeback trailErik Morales has heard about his imminent demise before.

Much at stake in uncertain Morales-Pacquiao rematchNot much separated them on the scales Friday. Even less is expected to separate them in the ring tonight.

Favoring Morales against Pacquiao in a competetive super featherweight fight If you were paying attention, and if you acted quickly enough, you could have locked in a profit betting on Saturday's super featherweight fight between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao.

Take Five: Erik Morales vs. Manny PacquiaoFight facts

Photos by: Chris Farina


The Filipino Idol (maxboxing.com 1.18.06)
...But it is Manny Pacquiao - who faces Erik Morales once again this Saturday night at the Thomas and Mack Arena in Las Vegas - who has truly captured the hearts, minds and undying loyalty of this developing country. For all it's past political strife and economic struggles, Filipinos look at the 'Pac Man' as a bastion of hope. (full story)

Pacquiao envisions winning rematch (Las Vegas Review Journal 1.18.06)
But the Filipino boxing star, who takes on Erik Morales on Saturday at the Thomas & Mack Center in a rematch of their brilliant March 19 slugfest, didn't need any help explaining his problems in the second half of that super featherweight bout. (full story)

Pacquiao has chin up for rematch (nydailynews.com 1.18.06)
... "We're working on boxing and we're going to be smart about it," Roach said. "A basic 1-2 is not going to work. Manny knows that now." (full story)

Fans see Pacquiao as a born thrilla (ocregister.com 1.18.06)
Those who have visited Pacquiao in the Philippines insist that it's a preposterous understatement to call him a national hero. (full story)

Pacquiao overhauled, is ready for Morales (inQ7.net 1.15.06)
In his bid to prime up boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, trainer Freddie Roach has ordered changes, like a mechanic working to overhaul a special racing car. (full story)

No funny business this time, Pacquiao and advisers insist
(Houston Chronicle 01.08.06)
"...His reputation is at stake. There's stature to reclaim, pride to restore. See, the last time these two fought (March 19), Pacquiao had enough distractions that one wondered whether he or Mike Tyson was in the ring..." (full story)

Christmas Day gives Pacquiao a training break (Manilla Bulletin 12.28.05)
GOOD THING that Christmas Day fell on a Sunday because had it been an ordinary day, Manny Pacquiao would have been forced to sweat it out at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California, as there’s less than a month before he collides with Erik ‘’El Terrible’’ Morales. (full story)

Pac-Man training hard for Morales KO (secondsout.com 11.28.05)
Pound for pound superstar Manny Pacquiao yesterday announced a singular mission when he takes on Mexican star Erik Morales on January 21 in Las Vegas: Be the first man to knock out the Tijuana native. (full story)

Pacquiao ready for Morales! (fightnews.com 11.13.05)
Earlier today, Fightnews.com was granted the opportunity to speak with one of the world’s hardest punchers in Manny Pacquiao. Top Rank and Gary Shaw held a press conference outside in the pool area of the brand new and simply luxurious Wynn Resort and Casino to formally announce the rematch between Pacquiao and Erik Morales. Pacquiao sat with trainer Freddie Roach and promoter Shaw to answer any questions Fightnews.com threw at them and in typical Team Pacquiao fashion, the Q & A session was as professional as could be. (full story)

Morales downplays split with dad (The Arizona Republic 01.09.06)
Erik Morales says he hates talk, but he is hearing a lot of it lately and some of it is coming from his father and former trainer. (full story)

Pacquiao ready for resurgent Morales (Manilla Bulletin 12.28.05)
Manny Pacquiao agrees facing a fighter coming from a defeat is fraught with danger. That is why he is preparing as hard if not harder than Erik Morales who will be fighting for his boxing life when the two clash on Jan. 21 in Las Vegas. (full story)



Photographer: Chris Farina

Pac-Man brutalizes Velazquez!" (full story/photos)

Girding up for grudge rematch with Morales on Jan. 21 (The Manila Bulletin 10.13.05)

Barrera title bout next if Pacquiao beats Morales (The Philippine Star 10.09.05)

Pacquiao: I'll beat Morales ( The Freeman 9.20.05)

Finkel: Manny to train 6-8 weeks for Morales (The Philippine Star 9.15.05)

Roach rates Pacman’s win a ‘7’ (The Manila Bulletin 9.15.05)

Morales, Pacquiao Fight at Staples (LA Daily News 9.05.05)

Pacquiao Places Accent on Focus (The Arizona Republic 9.05.05)

Morales, Pacquiao re-match no certainty (nj.com 9.04.05)

Pacquiao has learned his lessons, says Roach (The Manila Bulletin 9.2005)

Manny Pacquiao: Sounds of Silence (HBO:Boxing 9.2.05)

Pacquiao Ready For Battle (doghouseboxing.com 9.2.05)

Pacquiao trainer learns from Morales fight, keeps training strictly off limits (Sun Star 9.02.05)

Morales not far from Pacquiao's mind (Las Vegas Sun 9.01.05)

Pacquiao set for Velazquez! (boxingnews.com 9.1.05)

Suite Life for Pacquiao as he prepares for bout (ESPN.com 8.31.05)

Other Foes Come First for Morales, Pacquiao (USA Today 8.30.05)

In hunt for rematch, Pacquiao seeks form of Alamodome fight (San Antonio Express News 8.31.05)

Hip Hop Composes Song for Pacquiao (doghousboxing.com 8.31.05)

Pacquiao is very focused (thesweetscience.com 8.31.05)

Pacquiao is free from distraction and focused on revenge (secondsout.com 8.31.05)



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